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R.M. Blaine

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What is a Private Estate Manager?


Director of operations providing daily oversight and estate planning


Provides guidance and supervision to house staff, workmen and vendors


Finds the balance between family needs and privacy requirements


Business acumen, skills and experience to assist principal with tasks


Bilingual manager acts as translator and filter between principal and staff


Understands Private Service by providing personal support

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Adept with internal and external security and financial protections


Promotes fiscal efficiency, oversees day-to-day expenses & annual budget.


Ability to initiate, guide, control and complete various projects


  • Preventive Care and Maintenance
  • Vehicle Valuations and Purchases
  • Defensive Driving Techniques


  • Grocery and Food Shopping
  • Safe Food Preparation
  • Meal Service and Delivery


  • Houses & Structures
  • Swimming Pools/Spas
  • Tropical Gardens/Lawn/Yard
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The Philosophy of R.M. Blaine

"My unique value goes far beyond maintaining a household and providing top Private Service. I am a personal cultural translator and bring you the Spirit of Costa Rica rooted in American Style as a one-of-a-kind Private Estate Manager."

Providing Peace of Mind in Costa Rica

My Mission

  • Efficiently Oversee Estate and Property
  • Recruit and Train Top Service Staff
  • Create and Update Household Manuals
  • Demonstrate Tact and Instill Diplomacy
  • Maintain Confidentiality of All Principals
  • Make This Your Home Away from Home!

Skills & Proficiencies

estate manager

Experienced in management, administration and upkeep of fine estates and households

team leader

Proficient in leadership, guidance, and direction of household staff and vendors

personal assistant

Administrative assistance and day-to-day principal support, scheduling and organization

legal citizen

bilingual professional

Naturalized Citizen of Costa Rica

Bilingual in Spanish-English

25 Years Thriving in Costa Rica

R. M. Blaine :

A Renaissance Man!


U.S. university educated trained with professional

and business expertise

skilled recruiter

Director of Operations U.S.

IT recruiting firm performing thousands of interviews

professional TRAINer

Employee mentor practiced in onboarding, initial instruction and ongoing training of staff

private service

Familiarity with principals of total confidentiality and discretion in private service

seo expertise

Accomplished writer with Social Media skills and Search Engine Optimization

project manager

Experienced director of projects with hands-on

top management skills


Capable communications filter connecting principal and staff, employees and vendors


Knowledgeable in Costa Rica internal and external key security implementations


Understands maintenance

and care of private estate buildings, pools and grounds

real estate acuity

Licensed Real Estate Agent

U.S. trained and experienced current Costa Rica market

culinary arts

40 years of culinary experience with balanced nutritional expertise


40 years Experience

Hands-on Mechanic Defensive driving skills

physical fitness

Devoted gym attendee and enthusiastic personal motivational coach


Oversight of household finances, annual budget and day-to-day expenses


Social Sciences Instructor

8 years of experience in classroom, online & tutoring

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Professional Background

Education /Certifications/Competency

Qualifications+Employment Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Education for Social Sciences
  • Costa Rica Citizenship through Naturalization
  • Food Handling Safety Certificate: Costa Rica
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent: North Carolina
  • Licensed Educator: Pennsylvania
  • Licensed Vehicle Inspector: Pennsylvania
  • Red Cross Certificates: Lifeguard/First Aid
  • Certifications from American Society of Engineers
  • Keller-Williams Real Estate School Graduate
  • 25 Years of Living and Thriving in Costa Rica
  • Bilingual (Spanish-English) Professional
  • U.S. University Grad with Business Experience
  • Realtor for Luxury Homes & Properties
  • Director of Operations and Office Manager
  • Recruiter/Onboarding/Training Authority
  • Modern Automotive Mechanical Mastery
  • Meal Service, Shopping & Vendor Negotiations
  • Teaching/Tutoring Spanish & Social Sciences
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Since 1997

Why Choose R.M. Blaine?

Extraordinary & Unique Value Proposition

  • Exceptional Personality, Interests and Talents
  • Refined Private Service Poise and Attitude
  • Superior Ethics, Trustworthiness, and Integrity
  • Perfect Blend of Education, Skills and Expertise
  • Over Quarter Century Thriving in Costa Rica
  • Dedicated U.S. Business Acumen and Work Ethic
  • Engaging, Efficient and Reliable Veteran Presence
  • Master in the Art of Organization and Prioritization
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Since 1997

“I have been put on this earth to help some deserving folks rediscover the very things in life that make it all worthwhile”

The Problem Solver - Costa Rica Edition

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Meet Your Private Estate Manager in Costa Rica!

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Perfect Bend of Art and Science in Private Estate Management


Contact Information


U.S. (954) 903-0911

CR (506) 8401-8171